Erika Fernbach - Author   "Biographies that Inspire"

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About the Author

Erika's inspirational biographies for preteens are part of a series called "Biographies that Inspire".  She currently has four books available in the series including: 
  • Rosie Castro: Trailblazer
  • Diane Dupuy: Founder of Famous PEOPLE Players
  • James Bartleman: Humble Beginnings to Lieutenant Governor 
  • Sammy Lee: Promises to Keep
Her journey to find inspirational stories continues. 

Through Erika‚Äôs own experiences as an immigrant growing up in Queens, New York and later as an elementary school teacher in New York and Los Angeles, she realized there was a need for books that inspired kids to dream and reach for the moon, no matter what their challenges were. To answer that need, she created this series for kids 9-12 years old.

Erika holds a Masters in Education from Adelphi University. In addition to her love of education, she has a passion for travel. This interest has taken her around the world where she has met fascinating and extraordinary people.

When Erika is not busy writing or travelling, she can be found enjoying her family. She is a mother of three and a grandmother of six.

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