Erika Fernbach - Author   "Biographies that Inspire"

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"Biographies that Inspire" Book Series for 9-12 year olds

Rosie Castro: Trailblazer 

Rosie Castro is an example to emulate. See how she fights the discrimination Mexican Americans faced in Texas in the 1960's and 1970's. Follow her life long involvement in education and politics; listen in to her strategy sessions; learn why she is called an activist and trailblazer. 

After reading this book, continue to follow Rosie's life and that of her twin sons, Joaquin and Julian who are on the path of great accomplishments. 

Joaquin is a Congressman that represents Texas 20th District and Julian is the U.S. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development. Joaquin is part of the Democratic Leadership Team. Julian was the opening speaker at the 2012 Democratic Convention; Time magazine mentioned his name as a future candidate for President. 

Diane Dupuy:  Founder of Famous PEOPLE Players  

Diane Dupuy was a round peg expected to fit into a square hole called school, a place where she was teased and bullied. 

Share her experiences, setbacks, and triumphs as she follows her dreams. Hold your breath as she struggles to form the Famous PEOPLE Players and change lives of developmentally challenged performers.  

See how faith, a vision, and determination combine to build a company where the impossible becomes possible and miracles are commonplace.  Famous PEOPLE Players perform throughout  Canada, the United States, and in far-off places such as China and Japan. They are the subject of talk shows, television specials, documentaries, and supported by many celebrities.

James Bartleman: Humble Beginnings to Lieutenant Governor

Follow the remarkable journey of James Karl Bartleman who was raised in two cultures (First Nations & White). As a child he must battle racism and endure poverty. 

Books changed his world. They exposed him to new ideas and far away places. They saw him through good times and bad. They transformed his life and allowed him to live his dream.  

Read about his journey through dizzying heights of Canadian foreign affairs. You'll experience cultural whiplash, so fasten your seatbelts! 

Sammy Lee: Promises to Keep

Dr. Samuel “Sammy” Lee was born in California in 1920, to hard-working, loving parents of Korean descent. Given much support at home, he still had to overcome the discrimination he faced by others because he was Asian. Yet, he had dreams as did his father for him. 

Sammy Lee promised himself that he would win a gold medal at the Olympics in diving and he promised his father he would become a doctor. But promises are easy to make and often hard to keep.  

He was an unlikely candidate to win gold or become a doctor, but he was determined. Witness his struggle, feel his defeats, and triumph in his successes.

For men/women 60+

A fun read, informative & inspirational.

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